Own your science.

Our affordable, state-of-the-art,
full-service vivarium facilities are ready for your scientists.

Full-service vivarium research facilities

Accelerate the path to IND when you conduct and control your own studies in Mispro’s state-of-the-art vivarium research facilities. Our stable and compliant research environments plus best-in-class vivarium services enable the success of your animal studies, helping you to achieve your study goals quickly, efficiently and on-budget.


Space for your research

Secure, fully-outfitted facilities offering shared and private room options

Care for your animals

Husbandry services, veterinary oversight, colony management

Compliance and regulatory oversight

AAALAC-accredited, IACUC oversight, OLAW/PHS Assurance

Vivarium Insourcing Services

Mispro Insource is a full-service on-site solution that staffs your vivarium with qualified personnel and supports your laboratory animal program with the same oversight and compliance services we offer in our own vivarium research environments.

Companies we serve

Mispro supports emerging biopharma companies seeking greater control over their own studies as well as mid-stage and mature biopharma companies looking for additional animal research facility space.

Our clients include:

Our research labs support a range of companies, including:


Studies we enable

A wide range of studies are conducted in Mispro facilities, including:

  • Drug efficacy studies
  • Dose-response studies
  • Safety/tox studies
  • Pharmacology (PK/PD) studies
  • Behavior studies

About Mispro

Mispro Biotech Services offers biopharmaceutical research organizations access to AAALAC-accredited animal research facilities that include comprehensive vivarium services for preclinical rodent studies. We are committed to the ethical and humane treatment of each and every research animal in our facilities and ensure that every study is reviewed by our internal IACUC before study initiation. 

Always humane, always compassionate, always compliant. This is our promise.

Mariacarmela Allocca

Sr. Scientist

“The service and help I receive from Mispro’s team on a daily basis is outstanding. They are very efficient and promptly accommodate any request that we have, which has enabled Casebia to successfully complete our studies within tight deadlines. Mispro really does a great job!”

Nivetha Murugesan

Sr. Scientist

“Our experience working with Mispro has been really great. Both the facility supervisor and the IACUC coordinator have been a great help to our team. From the set-up of our rooms to managing the daily needs for our animal studies, to helping with our animal protocols, their level of service is commendable.”

Ben Van de Graaf

Operations manager

“Mispro has been a key partner in Kallyope’s success. Everything they offer from animal care services to IACUC has always been performed exceptionally and rapidly. Animal work is one of the cornerstones of our company and Mispro has been instrumental in helping facilitate success in our studies.”