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Enabling your animal research studies for drug discovery and development

Mispro is dedicated to advancing human health by ensuring that drug discovery and development teams have the facilities and supporting laboratory animal services they need to successfully conduct effective animal research studies. We recognize that many of the most innovative drug discovery and preclinical development programs don’t fit into the one-size-fits-all model of animal study services offered by many contract research organizations (CROs), and that startups often need the flexibility and control they can only achieve by conducting their own studies. But maintaining an animal research facility is costly and complex. 

At Mispro, we handle the operational complexities of running a vivarium so emerging, mid-sized, and even mature biopharma companies have a full range of options for how to get research accomplished. Whether you need a stable research environment for all of your animal research studies or extra space for an oversubscribed in-house vivarium, Mispro provides flexible and scalable options in our fully-managed and resourced vivarium facilities where you can conduct safe and reproducible mouse and rat research.

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How we got here

In 2003, two faculty scientists from McGill University introduced a new concept to the world of laboratory animal science – off-site vivarium space and animal care services that could support multiple research organizations in a single facility. Co-founders Drs. Richard Latt and Michel Tremblay named the concept the ‘Mouse Incubator Space Project’ and courted a team of laboratory facilities experts to help form this new venture. Mispro Biotech Services evolved as the name of the company and they would soon open the doors to Montréal’s first multi-user vivarium facility. Inspired by the success of the Montréal facility, Mispro soon expanded into the U.S. market and now operates multiple facilities in all major U.S. biotech clusters. Today, with an expansion into Mispro Insource solutions, as well as continued growth into new markets, Mispro is fast becoming North America’s leading vivarium space and services solution for research organizations of all sizes pursuing preclinical drug development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mispro a CRO?

Mispro is a Contract Vivarium (CV) which can be thought of as full-service coworking vivarium space. Mispro offers access to fully-managed and staffed vivarium research facilities where research organizations conduct their own rodent studies with the support of Mispro’s animal husbandry, veterinary, and regulatory and compliance oversight services. 

What kind of studies can I conduct in Mispro facilities?

Researchers can conduct biosafety level (BSL) I and biosafety level (BSL) II rodent studies that have been approved by Mispro’s IACUC. Learn more about the types of studies being done at our facilities by visiting the Science at Our Facilities page.

What is animal husbandry?

Animal husbandry is the daily observation and care for animals by certified laboratory Animal Care Technicians and includes feeding, water, cage cleaning, and enrichment. Mispro provides animal husbandry services 365 days a year.