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Space & Services for in vivo science

Mispro Biotech Services offers the biopharmaceutical & life sciences community access to multi-user vivarium research space plus comprehensive animal care & compliance services in support of early-stage drug & product development. Our space plus services solution enables research organizations to conduct & control their own studies in stable, secure, and compliant research environments, without having to incur the costs of operating a private vivarium facility or outsource critical in vivo studies to a CRO. 

If your organization is ready to launch or expand early-stage in vivo studies, Mispro offers the following off-site & on-site solutions: 

  • Access to multi-user vivarium research facilities within minutes of major biotech & life sciences institutions
  • Ethical, compassionate & compliant animal care that ensures integrity in research models and accelerates the path to efficacy
  • Stable & reproducible research environments where scientists control their own studies & data  
  • Flexible & affordable terms that allow research organizations to stay within budget, see return on their investment, and scale studies without incurring additional costs
  • Insource services, on-site in your vivarium facility, including operations & management, animal care & breeding, AAALAC accreditation, IACUC, and veterinary oversight

We currently operate a network of facilities conveniently located in key life sciences areas in the eastern U.S. & Canada. 

How we got here

In 2003, two faculty scientists from McGill University introduced a new concept to the world of laboratory animal science – off-site vivarium space & animal care services that could support multiple research organizations in a single facility. Co-founders Drs. Richard Latt and Michel Tremblay named the concept the ‘Mouse Incubator Space Project’ and courted a team of construction & finance experts to help form this new venture. Mispro Biotech Services evolved as the name of the company and they would soon open the doors to Montréal’s first multi-user vivarium facility. Inspired by the success of the Montréal facility, Mispro soon expanded into the U.S. market and now operates multiple facilities in major biotech clusters along the east coast. Today, with an expansion into Insource solutions, as well as continued growth into new markets, Mispro is fast becoming North America’s leading vivarium space & services solution for research organizations large & small pursuing pre-clinical drug development.

Leadership Team

A Message from our CEO

For most of us, we need to look no further than our own families to have been impacted by degenerative diseases, chronic health conditions, and cancers that often appear with a terminal prognosis. Yet, I hope that it is fair to say that for many of us, we have been lucky enough to have benefited from drugs, therapies, and products that have alleviated some or all of the debilitating characteristics of these ailments. I certainly have experienced the wonders of scientific progress in fighting disease and prolonging the quality life for loved ones, and count myself blessed to be part of a team of dedicated and caring individuals that participate in this medical progress.

Mispro Biotech Services is in the enviable position of serving as a catalyst for such critical scientific research and development. Our core business of managed research environments enables biotech organizations to launch and control early-stage animal studies in stable & secure facilities without having to incur the costs of building or operating a private vivarium. Which allows for more organizations to launch studies for their discoveries, and when more scientists are at work, more advancements in health care can be made. Of this, we believe our business model makes both economic and scientific sense, and we are currently expanding our network of facilities to enable more organizations to pursue development of their therapeutic products.

But it is our support of these organizations in the pursuit of good science that we are most proud, and from which Mispro operates its entire business model. Our managed facilities would not be as attractive an option for conducting early-stage development research without the expert animal care, compliance oversight, and operational excellence that we offer to our clients. Mispro also strongly supports and advocates for the ethical & humane treatment of research animals, and we are dedicated to pursuing, and ensuring, the 3R’s in every study conducted in our facilities & with our Insource services. Our clients are conducting important, powerful work, and Mispro is committed to being their most valuable research partner.

- Philippe Lamarre

Keith M. Astrofsky, DVM

Vice President of Operations & Capital Asset Development

Dr. Astrofsky joined Mispro in August 2017 as Director of Operations and is responsible for managing Mispro’s daily operations, including facilities, staff, and services. Dr. Astrofsky has more than 20 years’ experience in veterinary & animal laboratory sciences, with expertise in animal care & welfare, program accreditation & compliance, animal model development, husbandry & technical procedures, and animal facility design. Prior to joining Mispro, Dr. Astrofsky was Executive Director & Global Head, Laboratory Animal Services (LAS) at Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR). Previous to that, he served as Attending Veterinarian & Head, Vivarium Operations with Praecis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Dr. Astrofsky is an active member of several professional societies & committees and continues to serve in consulting, teaching, and advisory positions with several biotechnology, non-profit, and academic institutions.

Dr. Astrofsky received his DVM from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in comparative medicine at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the laboratory of James G. Fox, DVM.

Moses Gutierrez


Manager of Operations & Site Development

Benny Lapierre


Site Supervisor

Edgar Castro


Site Supervisor

Claire Johnson


IACUC Chair & Compliance Coordinator

Yan Morin


Site Supervisor

Yohan Tessier

Vice President of Commercial Operations & Strategic Development

As Senior Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, Yohan is responsible for managing the Strategic Development, Sales & Marketing division of Mispro. Since 2007, Yohan has been on the forefront of Mispro’s growth from a single site in Montréal to the company’s current network of multiple facilities in key U.S. biotech clusters. With several years’ experience in big pharma and a background in science & healthcare, Yohan has an acute understanding of the challenges associated with drug development. His tireless enthusiasm for identifying opportunities & solutions to support the life sciences industry in the pursuit of drug therapies has been a cornerstone in establishing Mispro as a leader in space & services solutions for in-vivo science. 

Yohan recently completed the Executive MBA programs at ESG-UQAM/Paris –Dauphine universities and has also received a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from McGill University.

George Skourides

Director of Business Development

John Fogarty

Marketing Manager

Bill Glencross

Director of Sales

Anouk Laurent

Corporate Counsel

Kelly Perlangeli

Director of Human Resources

Alexandre Dame

Director of Information Technology

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Mispro is committed to providing a safe, ethical, and humane research environment for in vivo research and a harassment-free work zone for employees and clients.

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