Case Study

How the Contract Vivarium Enabled an Emerging Biotech Company to Take Control of Their In Vivo Program and Improve Timelines & Results

The Challenge

Our client, a preclinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing novel therapies based on CRISPR gene editing technology, was experiencing poor results with outsourcing their in vivo (rodent studies) program to a CRO. Along with long wait times for studies to begin and results to be processed, the client was seeing high failure rates in study results, which were attributed to user error at the CRO, in part due to lack of experience in the biology needed to support the studies. With long delays and high failure rates contributing to excessive spend and missed target dates in their R&D timeline, the client needed to reconsider their in vivo-stage strategy. In particular, how could they minimize economic and scientific risk and get back on schedule?

The Solution

The client carefully considered their options. Building a vivarium was cost-prohibitive and would set back their schedule at least a year. Outsourcing to another CRO and hoping for better results was risky. But the client had a third option, in large part enabled by proximity. They could conduct their own studies in Mispro Biotech Services’ coworking vivarium facility, which was in the same research park as the clients’ labs & office space. This option enabled the client to launch quickly, control their science, and scale at their own pace. With Mispro managing the research environment and handling all animal care and regulatory & compliance oversight services, the client needed only to hire a principal investigator (PI) to handle the basic biomethodology experiments on the research models. After careful consideration of the risks vs. benefits of hiring a PI and conducting their own studies, the client chose to expand their team and move their in vivo program to Mispro.

The Results

In a comparison of results and spend within equal time frames, the client has been able to track significant
improvements in conducting their studies in Mispro’s research environment vs. outsourcing to a CRO.

In the contract vivarium, timelines were accelerated in all stages, enabling study volume to increase.

The structure & benefits of the contract vivarium resulted in a significant decrease in overall spend vs. the CRO.

With complete control over their studies, and with the support of Mispro’s expert services, the client was able to dramatically improve results in each phase of their program.

Mispro’s facility, services and expertise has been a key factor in the success we’ve had with our in vivo program.
Principal Investigator,
Client Company

About Mispro Biotech Services

Mispro Biotech Services is a Contract Vivarium Organization (CVO) that offers biopharmaceutical & life sciences companies access to coworking vivarium research facilities plus comprehensive laboratory animal & compliance oversight services supporting preclinical in vivo drug development. Established in 2003, and with locations in all major U.S. & Canadian biotech hubs, Mispro is North America’s leading contract vivarium provider.

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