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Space + Services = Science

You can focus on the science, we'll take care of the rest

One of the key advantages to conducting your studies in Mispro’s managed research environments is that you can focus on science, while we take care of everything else. Including husbandry, veterinary services, and compliance & regulatory oversight. In addition to providing our clients with best-in-class laboratory animal science expertise & services, our friendly & accommodating staff is available to help with any additional services or equipment your organization needs to support your studies.

To ensure safety & compliance at all times in our managed facilities, Mispro is an AAALAC-accredited organization, and every study conducted in our facilities and with our services is required to be approved by Mispro’s Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC). Mispro advocates strongly for the 3R’s and we strictly follow regulatory guidelines for the ethical & humane treatment of research animals. 

In all Mispro vivarium research facilities, as well as with our Mispro Insource solution, we offer the following animal care & compliance services in support of early-stage in vivo science:

  • Experienced attending veterinarian
  • Daily animal health check & husbandry services
  • Cage washing & sterilization
  • Animal ordering & receiving
  • Waste management
  • Full-time sentinel program
  • IACUC program oversight & review
  • AAALAC-accreditation
  • OLAW & PHS assurance
  • USDA registration
  • Animal welfare regulatory licensure
  • Transnetyx Genotyping TAGCenters  

Compassion is our promise

Mispro Biotech Services is committed to the ethical & humane treatment of each and every research animal in our facilities and under our care. Not only is animal welfare a core value of Mispro, but it is our responsibility to our clients in their pursuit of science to ensure that animal models are comfortable and free from stress in clean & stable research environments. In all of our managed facilities, we assure AAALAC-accreditation, full compliance with federal, state & local animal welfare regulations, and strict adherence to IACUC protocol review & approval before any study begins with the support of our laboratory animal science services. This is the least we can do for the animals that give so much to us.

Always humane, always compassionate, always compliant. This is our promise. 

Mispro Insource: Our best-in-class services in your vivarium

Are you currently operating a vivarium research facility but no longer want to manage the day-to-day minutia of operations, animal husbandry, and staffing? If this sounds like you, we can help. 

Mispro Insource is a full-service on-site solution that staffs your vivarium with qualified personnel and manages your LAS operation with the same oversight & compliance services we offer in our own vivarium research environments. Our comprehensive insource solution includes: 

  • On-site management of laboratory animal science (LAS) operations & animal care services in your vivarium facility, including staffing  
  • Compliance implementation & oversight, including Veterinary, AAALAC-accreditation, and IACUC

For organizations who may be sitting on an under-utilized vivarium, Mispro offers Insource Plus. With Insource Plus we offer full operational management of your vivarium facility, including leasing.

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