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Space + Services = Science

Premium off-site vivarium space for in vivo research

Mispro Biotech Services’ formula for successful in vivo studies starts with space. Space for research & animals. Space for collaboration & innovation. And space where you can grow. If your organization is ready to launch early-stage drug & product development, we’d like to offer you access to your very own premium space in our conveniently located vivarium facilities. 

In our modern research environments, you conduct your own studies while benefiting from the support of our proven operational infrastructure & best-in-class animal care services. Our AAALAC-accredited facilities are secure, clean & safe, and are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment & caging systems. In all of our locations, we offer 24/7 access, locker rooms, and common areas to meet, relax & recharge. 

More affordable & efficient than operating your own vivarium, or outsourcing preclinical studies to a CRO, Mispro’s research environments are the perfect place to launch, expand, and scale early-stage in vivo studies.

Our vivarium research facilities offer:

  • Private & Shared procedure rooms
  • Private & Shared* housing rooms
  • Necropsy rooms*
  • In-room BSL I & II hoods
  • State-of-the-art housing and monitoring equipment
  • IVC Static & Disposable caging systems
  • Individual key-card entry & 24/7 year-round access
  • Strict environmental control
  • BSC & changing stations
  • Locker rooms & showers
  • Common space to relax & recharge
  • Convenient locations near highways, public transit, or within walking distance

* Not available in all locations

Mispro Biotech Services is AAALAC-accredited, which means that every three years our facilities, animal care services, and compliance measures are inspected and reviewed by members of the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC). Accreditation is our way of ensuring our commitment to responsible animal care in our facilities & with our services. 

Is Mispro in your biotech hub?

Mispro offers a network of premium off-site vivarium research facilities conveniently located in key life science areas in the eastern U.S. and Canada. All of our AAALAC-accredited facilities are within easy access to major universities and biotech centers and are managed & staffed by friendly & experienced animal care professionals. Our modern research environments offer various room sizes for housing & procedure, as well as meeting space, relaxing break areas, locker rooms, and 24/7 key-card access.




Is it time for your organization to focus more on science and less on the infrastructure & housekeeping of your vivarium? Or, maybe you’re keeping the lights on in an under-utilized space and losing money month over month? We can help. 

Mispro Insource is our on-site solution for managing the laboratory animal science operations & animal care services in your vivarium facility, including staffing & compliance oversight  

Mispro Insource Plus is our full-service solution where Mispro will operate & manage your vivarium research space, including leasing

Need vivarium space to launch in vivo studies?

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